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In a digital age where mobile is king; and SMS reins supreme, it has never been easier for businesses to connect with their customers, churches to connect with their members, schools to connect with their students etc… using the right platform of course. That’s why our focus here at StormerSMS is to provide organisations with access to mobile messaging solutions that enable them to grow their client base, and connect with users all over the world.

Whether you’re sending a single message notification to an important client, or an SMS blast to millions, we specialise in tailored SMS solutions to suit your business needs. Our range of competitive pricing, matched by our reliable service has allowed us to help grow business of all shapes and sizes…

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Register HERE, to start enjoying our service. Fill in the the fields provided with the appropriate information and click on the SIGN UP button. Proceed to LOGIN after registration.

Click HERE. to login in after successful registration. Enter the email and password you received in your email after the registration into the right fields.

Finally it is time to start sending some text messages. After you have logged in, you now have access to our system which you can use in sending bulks sms.

SMS for Businesses, Inviduals, Schools, Churches etc...

Stay connected with your audience. Communiate with your contacts across all networks. Start sending SMS today.